Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sharing life

Quick update on As the Teen World Turns. Situation is diffused. At least till the next drama. All in all it was a good lesson to me because, well, the drama doesn't stop after the teen years and churches are prime breeding ground if we don't submit to God. Thanks for the comments and email.

I had an appointment to give blood yesterday and I asked the seventeen year old if he'd like to come along. When he was but a wee lad I used to take him with me and he would watch, fascinated, as the procedure took place. Now he is a donor himself. He has given blood a couple of times at school so I thought he'd enjoy sharing the experience with me. Now it's my turn to watch, fascinated as he towers over the teeny tiny nurses and they take out the very blood that I've taken great pains to keep inside his body. Turns out it was a good day to give blood, free ice cream day, mmmmm. They also had a drawing going on for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle causing great covetousness on the part of the seventeen year old. I found it rather ironic that they were offering an instrument capable of causing loss of blood at an establishment responsible for providing for those who have lost said blood. Thankfully you have to be eighteen to be considered for the drawing. On a side note: when I shared this with my husband he immediately made plans to go there himself. This from a man who can't stand up straight for nearly an hour after giving blood. Boys and their toys. Sheesh.

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