Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mama bear

I find myself in a curious position. It's one of those milestone moments comparable to your child's first step. My oldest son has just surpassed me in maturity.

Some background. My son has been dating one of the girls from the youth group off and on for about 10 months now. She recently broke up with him causing great heartache on his part. It has now come to my attention that she has been, well, not completely honest in some of the things she has said to my son and has also been saying some things to others causing stirrings of division within the youth group. Now, I realize that in teen culture this is probably all very normal behaviour. Having never been a teen I wouldn't know. However, my mama bear hackles are all in an uproar and I tell you I am ready to raise some........ well, something unpleasant.

There is now a facebook war starting to brew. Rumblings of warfare are all over the wall posts and message boards. I admit to having taken a side in this battle and my internal comment to those on the "side of good" pretty much consists of "Have at them. They've got it coming" Thankfully I have enough sense not to stick my adult nose into a teen battle by leaving any "real" comments anywhere. (except here) Then, here comes my son, who is at the heart of this battle, with this comment:
"Honestly guys, I'm just gunna stay out of this one, cuz anything that is said from now on is just going to cause more drama, and I'm not for that. If you know what I mean, so I'm gunna let this one slide!"
And, that is directed at those on the "side of good".

I am humbled.

But still ticked off.


Shalee said...

I hate it when they "get it" more quickly and better than we do! (And I'd be ticked too...)

Sea Sang In Us said...

Shalee, sometimes I think I may never get it. sigh.

And Jules, (I know you meant to leave that comment here) I'll grasp at any maturity straws I can, no matter how short. Now, I'm off to pray for my enemies.