Monday, May 7, 2007

24 hour observations

This Saturday I participated in a group project over at Flickr called 24 hours of Flickr in which you were supposed to capture your entire day in photographs and then post your favorite in the group pool. The group was brought to my attention by Jules over at Maced with Grace. Thanks Jules!

My day included a road trip from KC to Lincoln, NE with two of my offspring to visit my parents. I got to see my little brother from Colorado who was in town to run in the Lincoln marathon Sunday morning. My Uncle and Aunt from Colorado were also there to see my dad perform in a production of King Lear that never materialized. The day was different and special but also a fair representation of the kind of day that we often have. Not always, but often.

I have a lot to say about the project but as usual, not enough time. That's probably good...keeps me from rambling. Here are some short observations.

  1. It is very difficult to manage daily duties and a camera at the same time. Several times I thought to myself "oh man I should have gotten a picture of that" only to have the moment pass before I knew it. Life is so fleeting. One of my great regrets is not getting a picture of my Grandma. She's not to keen on getting here picture taken. though, so maybe that's for the best.
  2. Vowing to record a day makes you observe things in a much more deliberate way. It would be exhausting to live every moment that way but I could stand to do a lot more of it. From nature to personal interactions everything seemed just a little more significant when I was on a hunt to capture every moment.
  3. I live a very ordinary life.
  4. I like that.
  5. I am not a good photographer. I like to think of myself as an artist since, you know, it's what I majored in, but, I was never satisfied with my photographic skills. That and watercolor have always eluded me. It doesn't keep me from trying though, and having a great time doing it.
  6. It was a good bonding time for my daughter and me. It gave us a common goal, was open ended, creative, and thanks to digital technology, there were no boundries on quantity.
  7. It was lots of fun.
As soon as I get all the tags and such in place I will update this post with a link to the flickr page with my photos. I still haven't settled on a favorite, not that it matters much, but I'll post that too, when I decide.

*UPDATE - here's the link.

I pick this photo as my favorite, not the best but my favorite.

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HeyJules said...

I totally agree with your observations! I, too, missed several good shots and the places I planned to visit gave me next to no good shots whatsoever (because of the weather.) But...I did end up with a day in my life and it was pretty cool to see it all in one place.

Now, head over and scroll through the 5,000+ photos that have been uploaded for the competition and you'll probably have another observation - that so much stuff happens in just one day that it is mind boggling to think that God has His hand in absolutely all of it. :-)