Friday, January 5, 2007

Taking it slowly

Well, My "big project" is moving along slowly. I guess having a three year old tends to delay things. I sent the three year old out to get the newspaper this morning. I felt somewhat guilty as I pictured in my mind the little Scottish terrier in the neighborhood that used to do the very same thing. He took great joy in the task, however, and did it with a great deal more jumping and skipping than I have ever managed so I call it a draw. Joy vs Guilt....tied.

Another delay in my process is the fact that I am being forced into service today to get the Christmas stuff put away. The job is made that much easier, in that, I never managed to get all the boxes taken back up after decorating for Christmas in the first place. If I do manage to pull it off my spirits will be lifted for having accomplished something and for having a full third of our living room back from the tree.

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