Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Dread Pirate Flubug

It's O-fficial. Flubug has made a most unwelcome visit to our household. It may be better than I think, though. As the Doctor was confirming that, yes, what the Fifteen year old has is indeed "the FLU" he also informed me that It would make it's way through the rest of the household in short order. EXCEPT THAT! We have all already been sick. Granted, it hasn't been on the scale of the Fifteen year old's bedridden ordeal but the symptoms are quite familiar. So I hold out hope.......

Here is my theory. The Three year old started it the week after Christmas, gave it to the Hubby, who gave it to the Girl who gave it to me, who gave it to the Fifteen year old. In addition, I believe that the dreaded virus gathered strength as it moved through the family till it landed on the most sleep deprived physically vulnerable member of the family and did it's worst. Unfortunately the seventeen year old has yet to display the exact same symptoms as the rest of us, but he has been fighting a persistent but low grade cough for the last few weeks so I'm standing by my theory.

I'll know either way in a couple of days because I was coughed right in the face and have been playing nurse/mom for the last four days.

As you wish Dread Flubug.

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