Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoo Two

This weekend I saw this animal in my back yard. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Ha! I kid.

Actually, we made another trip to the Zoo this weekend. This time My hubby and daughter came along. We weren't the only ones who had that idea on a beautiful pre-spring day either, because the parking lot was filled to overflowing. It was great to see so many people there. Not all the animals were out but the one's that were, were really out, if you know what I mean. Both the exotic:

And the not so exotic.
So, if you live anywhere near KC visit the zoo on one of our upcoming fine spring days. Yes, I know, Omaha has the zoo to end all zoos but ours is getting better, and, if you buy a membership you can get into the Omaha zoo at half price. And that's not all. You also get a workout because, oh my, is it a long way around the African section.