Monday, March 10, 2008

What To Do

At some vague unspecified time in the near future I have a choice set before me. My entire family, save the Four-Year-Old, is leaving me to travel to unknown corners of the earth for fun and frivolity while I sit at home pondering my choices. Choice number one: stay home and rip up tile and remove wallpaper from the bathroom in anticipation of a redo. Someday. Choice number two: take off myself to central Nebraska to commune with the Sandhill Cranes in the midst of their migration, and attempt to get a photo or two hundred.

Surprisingly my husband chooses choice number one. I'm taken aback that he would leave me home with such a destructive directive at my disposal. (how's that for alliteration)

I'm leaning towards choice number two. You may wonder what's so great about spending time in the company of a multitude of birds at time when most choose the company of a multitude of sun worshipers. Well, if you have to ask you wouldn't understand. Plus, I can't afford to go to the beach.

The easy choice is to destroy the bathroom. Traveling gets more complicated: childcare, weather, sleep-deprivation are factored into the decision. However travel is ultimately the more satisfying choice.

Hmm, Stay tuned.

To be continued....


HeyJules said...

If one were, perchance, thinking of joining you on the crane expedition, exactly how long would one need to plan on being gone?

Smeagle said...

Oh wow! That would be so cool. I'll email the details. Such as they are.

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