Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our New Normal

I guess this is an update.

I've reached an uneasy truce with the family crisis that occurred a couple months back. Thankfully the problem seems to have been caught quickly and, with professional help, behaviors are changing. Here is what I hate about the whole thing. I'm afraid I will never be able to relax again. I'm afraid that as soon as I let my guard down something will flare up again. It's an uneasy state to live in but not a tragic one. In relation to what other families are dealing with it could even be considered a blessing. Not that the thing itself is good but it's a thing with a solution. The blessing is the positive changes that are able to be made. It's just, I've realized that I resist change. Even positive change. I consider it a good sign, though, that I was able to face it, be honest about it and get the help that was needed. I guess that what parenting boils down to.