Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Cranes were a bust.

Here is the story (or non-story) of the Cranes. I ended up asking my dad to go with me. To my surprise he said yes. I shouldn't have been surprised because it makes sense, he grew up in the area, and enjoys a good road trip. That's the nature of our relationship, though. Uncertainty. Well, we ended up turning around. We were traveling from Lincoln NE to the Grand Island area and turned around in York. Roughly half way. There was rain and falling temps added to the darkness which makes my dad nervous these days. By myself I would have pressed on and maybe ended up in a ditch, or worse. So I choose to believe that he saved my life by going with me. And don't even think about me asking to drive for him. If my dad can't do it no one can. Well, in his opinion.

Next year. Or the next, God willing. That's what's great about the cranes. They'll always be there.

This incident demonstrates a theme in my life right now though that I think I need to meditate on sooner or later. The theme is turn around. It keeps coming back to me in various forms. I think God is trying to tell me something. But what.