Monday, February 11, 2008

The Time Has Come

I need to lose some weight. I think about 500 pounds is a realistic goal. No not that kind of weight. I need to get rid of some of the crap weighing down my life. My "Stuff". George Carlin had a good bit about it wherein he called it something equally appropriate, but I intend to remain family friendly.

Seriously I think 500 pounds ought to make a pretty good start, but I really have no idea how much 500 pounds is. In an effort to make a start I let my daughter go through my mountainous stack of clean clothes and take out the things she thought I shouldn't wear anymore. When added up it came to 4.84 lbs. One hundred more stacks or so of the same size and I'm golden. I'm just so sad to give up my holey (Not holy) jammie pants.


Shalee said...

Just decide that you need to move... you'll get rid of more stuff than you thought you would!

But I'm feeling your sadness over the holey jammie pants. That's like losing a long time friend.

HeyJules said...

Good for you! I've got several friends on the same path right now and they are all experiencing that glow that comes with only having things you really love lying around your home.

Sea Sang In Us said...

"only having things you really love lying around your home." -- I really love the sound of that.

I really did love those jammie pants though. But! commitment takes sacrifice.

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