Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

In my efforts to shed my house of unwanted pounds we are tackling the Four-Year-Old's room today. So guess what? It's like Christmas all over again. Heaven forbid that anything land in the give away pile. Doing so immediately bestows favorite toy status upon the previously forgotten plaything. I'm going to employ some video game distraction maneuvers. Hey, don't judge, it's all for the greater good.


HeyJules said...

Ha! I know how your kid feels. I put it in the box to go and then immediately want to take it back out again.

But I get over it!

Shalee said...

Oh, we did our kids' rooms when they were away at the Brock's house. Oh how much easier it was when they weren't there putting things back!

Smeagle said...

Jules, aren't we funny people? I do the same thing.

Shalee, the Brocks wouldn't notice if I slipped them one more kid, thanks for the suggestion. If they notice I'll tell them it was your idea.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I am a firm believer of electronic entertainment when it comes to cleaning a kid's room. Otherwise you are forever saving pieces of trash aka treasures.

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