Monday, February 18, 2008

PMS and Presidents

Happy Presidents Day!

Apparently my entire family is suffering from PMS. During a uncontrollable craving for chocolate I made a pan of fudge and sat at the table while one by one the rest of my family came in and made it disappear. Granted it was only half a recipe, but still. Still. I guess I should thank them because it saved me the trouble of eating it all myself.

It being President's Day and all I'll share with you a dream I had. It's relevant, I promise. In my dream President Clinton came to my house to try and talk us in to voting for Hilary. My house was a mess, as usual, but I didn't care. Neither did President Clinton. I liked him for that. Dream Clinton was a pretty nice guy. I don't think I'll be voting for Hilary though, or changing my political affiliations for that matter, but you never know. Crazier things have happened.


Shalee said...

Sounds more like a nightmare to me... But I'm from the South and knew what he was really like.

Sorry about the fudge. Can you make some chocolate chip cookie dough while they're out today? Then you'd only have to contend with one of them... and you're much taller.

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