Monday, April 9, 2007

So, How do we feel about this?

Yesterday at church I'm sure we had a great Easter Service. I wouldn't know because I was too busy answering a three year old's questions about crucifixion. There was no Children's worship at first service so he ended up sitting with us in Church. So, Crucifixion. How much do we expect a three year old to comprehend? And, how much do we expose said three year old to before yanking him and walking the hallways? What to do? Do we really need to see the crucifixion live and in color on the big screen at what is probably a family service? And I know it is foundational to our faith but what about the Resurrection. I thought that was the focus of Easter. And maybe it was, like I said, I was distracted. The conversation went something like this, (roughly paraphrased)

3yo: Why are they doing that to that man?

Me: That's Jesus, they were very mean to him weren't they?

3yo: But why?

Me: At this point I whisper to him the entire plan of salvation.

3yo: But why?

Me: so we can go be with Jesus when we die.

3yo: Are we going to die?

And so on and so forth.......with this additional humorous dialog:

3yo: does Jesus have Jesus in his heart?

Me: ???

3yo: Is my heart behind my nipple?

Me: suppressed laughter


HeyJules said...

Oh Sea Sang, I'm DYING here! That was too funny. I think you're right, though - if there's not kids program then perhaps the crucifixion should have been scaled back a little but I'd have given anything to be the person sitting behind you in church!

Addie said...

ha ha - thats too much.... Im sure I will have to deal with that next year.... it was hard enough trying to explain Easter to a 2 year old this year

Sea Sang In Us said...

Jules, I felt for the people behind me. I really did.

Addie, I feel for you! But seriously, your children will strengthen your faith.

Shalee said...

Smeagle! You're blogging! Woo Hoo!

And remind me to sit behind you if we ever go to 2nd service... Entertainment galore!