Monday, April 30, 2007

Good News or Gratuitous Dog post

My dog is a genius. He knows how to spell, and he spells happiness D-O-G-P-A-R-K. We have been visiting this particular dog park since he was a puppy. He is 10 years old now, old for a boxer, yet his inner puppy is released every time we visit the dog park. We haven't been since maybe October. Shameful. But, as soon as we pulled in the parking lot he was up in his seat with his ears at attention. We met four, count them, four Great Danes. He was happy to have someone to play with by the lake who wasn't constantly chasing balls into the water. But seriously, next to the Danes he looked like a Boston Terrier.

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HeyJules said...

Oh I so wanted a boxer! Then I remembered it was cheaper to feed a 12 lb dog than a 60 lb. one and that was that...

He's so gorgeous!