Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

I'm owning it. I voted for Obama.

Ok, so this is a different feeling. I have been the democrat depressed that the republican won. I have been the right wing conservative republican depressed that the democrat won. Now I find myself in the position of being a right leaning Christian who voted for Obama. Yeah, I'm happy that he won but I probably would have been nearly as happy had McCain taken it. But, now I find myself feeling the weight of those who would question my beliefs and make assumptions about my decision, including some of my own family. To that I say, cool. Question away. Assume away. Been there and done that. I know what I believe and I'm at peace with it. Not everyone has to agree with me. Call me flip flopper, wishy washy, whatever, I see it as growth, with a healthy dose of cynacism.

I don't think the next four years will be as glorious as some believe nor as dire as many are predicting this morning. Probably it will just be a lot of hard work and very tough decision making while the political machine chugs along as slowly as it ever did. The dems didn't get their filibuster proof majority and that's something isn't it?

So, if you are depressed this morning, I know the feeling. But take heart, this too shall pass. It may take four to eight years but as certain as death and taxes it will pass. Then it will be your turn again.

There is One who is in control and He will work through whomever is leading our country. Should we believe that or not?


dlyn said...

I do believe that He is in control. We have who He has ordained we should have and I just hope it's not to teach us a lesson. [I say that with a smile, but maybe a wry one] I avoid politics on my blog and in my other internet social stuff. People get too rabid and mean a lot of the time. I voted for McCain, but I know a lot of people who voted for Obama. I want the best for my country, so I remain hopeful that things will be as you say - "I don't think the next four years will be as glorious as some believe nor as dire as many are predicting this morning."

And let me take this opportunity to say I wish you blogged more - I like what you have to say.

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