Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm blogging again from the mobile device. I'm lucky if I can get near a computer these days, what with all the so called "homework" going on around here. It's possible we are spending entirely too much time in front of the Glowing Screen. Please forgive the typos. Blame my fat thumbs.

I can hear the cold outside. It's the kind of day here that makes me want to turn over in bed and bury myself for another couple of hours. Or better yet, stay all day and read a book. No such luck with a five year old. Or a dog, for that matter. And if I sit downstairs and try to remain quiet for any length of time (let's pretend I'm doing my bible study or something) I hear the beat of bongo drums on the roof of the house. Squirrels. I don't know what they're doing up there or what the fuss is all about, the walnuts and tomatoes are long gone. Maybe they are fortifying their nests against a frozen wasteland of a winter.The only time they make more noise is when they're all trying to make babies in the spring. Maybe we should look to the squirrels and get out from behind these Glowing Screens. Fortify our nests and such.

Right after I update my facebook status.