Sunday, June 1, 2008

That's no atomic explosion

Can you hear the screaming in my head? All in all I'm pretty glad that this week is ending. Or is Sunday just the beginning? God help me.

Daughters. Oh sure, when things are good they are all puppy dogs and unicorns. But one false step and boom. Nuclear disaster. Fine, I can handle being the bad guy, truthfully, I kind of relish the challenge. What I could do without is the best friend's mom talking the big talk but caving at the first hint of conflict. Oh the Drama. Honestly, how are we going to get our daughters through life unmolested, unpregnant, with their self esteem in tact unless we back each other up?

I think there is some rule about not blogging during an emotional crisis but bear with me please. It is possible that the whole thing will blow over tomorrow. Till then somebody needs to write this stuff into the baby books so parents can have a clue about what they are in for. Yes that baby is cute now but the day is coming when he/she will take leave of their adorable little mind.


Shalee said...

Holy cow, Smeagle. I could have written this post too. It's hot and cold with the ticking of the clock. I know that I look like the mean one (heck, I even call myself that just to set things straight), but it's not ALL me...

Thank you God for camp!

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