Monday, June 23, 2008

Bible Class

What's the point?

I remember a time in my life when bible class seemed so important. Anymore it just feels like navel-gazing. Unless we take some time to actually do what it (the Bible) says what is the point. We spent forty five minutes in class this Sunday discussing some verse or other and at the end gave up five minutes for prayer requests. Five minutes. Covering subjects as diverse as cancer, missionaries, kidney transplant and aging parents, to name a few. Five minutes. Something feels broken. It's frustrating to do something as ineffective as mentioning this in a blog but what else can be done?


Shalee said...

Lots! There are so many classes at church that you have a plethora of choices. Switch it up and find one that you like. (Brock does this: he goes from the Stars to the Young Marrieds to the Solo Flyers.) Currently, Steve is doing a wonderful job in the Young Families...

Talk to the class teacher. You'd have to be very brave to do that one, but hey - if it bugs you enough and you want to stay in that class, you might consider it.

I'd say teach the class yourself, but I'm not sure how you'd pull that one off without someone pulling the women teaching issue (which is totally ignorant in my opinion.)

Pray that God will change the desires of that class to one of deeply seeking his wisdom, his offering of a relationship or the will to learn how to love one another so well that the family becomes strong enough to stand against the attacks of satan.

HeyJules said...

I know how you feel, Susan. We do a weekly small group that discusses the past Sunday's message/sermon and then spend five minutes at the end doing prayer requests. It always feels...WEIRD. Either meet to discuss a subject OR do prayer/comforting but to slam it on at the end out of duty? It just seems odd...

Smeagle said...

Jules, my sentiments exactly.

Shalee, apparently the Parents of Teens class is where bible class comes to die. I've heard from more than one teacher that they refuse to teach our class because we're so unresponsive. I hear the Empty Nesters or Stars is the place to be. There is a new group trying to breath some life into us though so I guess I ought to stick around and try to be part of the solution. I'm not counting out a visit to the Young Families, though. At least one member of our family qualifies us to come to that class.

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