Friday, June 27, 2008


My inner child is a nerdy thirteen year old fanboy.

Last night I was badly in need of escape. Being, in fact, a forty four year old married woman my fantasy is that my husband would immediately recognize my need and meet it with plane tickets to Hawaii or something of that sort. But, also being a realist I settled for the next best thing. I made arrangements so that we could sneak out to an early, cheap showing of The Incredible Hulk. Thank you AMC for $5.00 movies. It was, well, incredible. More incredible is the fact that there are at least three comic book/super hero inspired movies left to see this summer. I love Popcorn Season.


Shalee said...

I thought it was not only good, but MUCH better that the first Hulk movie, which was anything but incredible.

Did you notice the cameo by Bill Bixby? Not bad for a dead guy. And Lou Ferrigno's part made me laugh.

I still say that Liv Tyler still can't pull off a "smart" role. That was a bad casting selection in my opinion...

Glad y'all had a great time. Iron Man was AWESOME. And well, you know that Get Smart topped my list so far.

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