Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Move along people, it's just a dream.

I know how it's boring to listen to people talk about their dreams and all so just move on and let me work through this on my own.

I have three reoccurring nightmares. One is tornadoes. Another is Nuclear explosions. The third is Earth ending Apocalypse's. I suppose they are three varieties of the same dream, really.

This morning was the Apocalypse variety. The sun went out. No supernova, it just burned out. I was speaking on the phone with my mom while watching it happened and I was trying to get off without being rude and hanging up on her so I could spend my last moments with my family. After I got off the phone I turned on CNN. Then I woke up before things could get too tragic.

Analysis? Could be the end of summer. Could be the one hundred plus temps we're expecting. Could be I watch too much cable news.