Saturday, August 4, 2007

Did you know you have a snake in your mouth?

I found that out last Sunday. I've got one too.

Occasionally I have a very bad attitude problem. Generally I don’t like going to church while on vacation. In the small town Churches of Christ you don’t really know what you are going to get. My experience with small town churches has been ummm…..less than stimulating. Since we were on vacation with my in laws and they attend church, no questions asked, every Sunday, I braced for the worst. To my shame I prayed that God would somehow prevent our attendance. Well, He didn’t prevent us from attending, but the church we ended up at? Wow!

My in laws had a church in mind that they were looking for but were unable to find it. Their break lights would light up every time they passed a Church of Christ but in the end they would pass by. Then came the church that they didn’t pass by. I don’t know why they stopped, but really, I do. Know what I mean? I could see it immediately. How do I put this? We were the only white people in the entire building right down to the enormous African American Jesus mural that covered one of the walls. I turned to my Fifteen Year old and said, “Now this could be fun.” And it was. I think I will have to wait many a week before I find a service as uplifting as this one was

Now, how to integrate that worship experience into my own repressed style……that is the challenge.

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