Monday, August 27, 2007 NOT exasperate your children...

I was supposed to fast today in order to pray about the search for our new youth minister. I was all set for it. Then I promised the four year old a donut at Krispy Kreme and low and behold I forgot all about the fast. I didn't "conveniently" forget either. I really forgot.

Do over.

It will be oh so much more meaningful now with the leftover donuts calling to me from the kitchen. I need to find a place to hide those because the kids are fasting too. They can't handle that kind of pressure. It could be fun though. When I did my forty day fast the kids found it amusing to wave things under my nose, like pizza, and make a great show of enjoying their food. If I weren't so mature I could get some great pay back. I am though. Mature.


HeyJules said...

Keep telling yourself that! LOL

Hey, Krispy Kreme's can bring down the best of us. Those little rings of sugar just call my name...

Shalee said...

I guess I'm not. Mature. I would wave them like crazy!

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