Monday, July 23, 2007

A Woman's place

So, no sooner had I written my last post when some friends called us to invite us to dinner. Their purpose was to inform us that they plan to find a new church home. They are leaving over because they have been struggling for several months over the role of women in our church. Basically, they feel women have to much power. It's unfair of me to characterize their reason so simply but I'm trying to boil it down for the sake of space. I disagree with their reasons but I consider them to be adults and so my husband and I said goodbye to them with our blessing. The sad and tragic thing is they are taking their kids with them and their kids are great friends with our kids. In fact, I was hoping we could arrange some marriages between them. Well, at least they are not leaving town. And, there is still facebook.

It's got me all thoughtful though. Our church is really in transition right now and I need to be constantly in prayer because I believe changes are on the horizon. Great changes. I also believe we have rattled Satan's cage and are in for some upheaval. I believe Satan's greatest victory would be if he could keep us at status quo, keep us from making any changes at all. Or I could be wrong.

I wish I could put everything I feel about this issue into word's but it's a dark and stormy morning here. I've got a stupid summer cold and PMS so I need to quit right here before I let my emotions get the better of me. I'll weigh my thoughts and perhaps I'll get back to it some time.


HeyJules said...

I find it sad in this day and age that so many people take the Bible literally on that one point but not on so many others. This "pick and choose" attitude bugs the heck out of me! Either you take the whole Bible as literal or you weigh the thoughts and listen for the Spirit and do what YOU believe God truly intended based on the CONTEXT of the times and the relationship of His people in those times.

I will always be one of the members of the second group as I believe God gave us all brains for a reason - to be USED. I also think my brain is as good as any man's brain and my heart loves God as well as any man's heart does so I have no doubt I could preach as well as any man preaches.

But that could just be that women's liberation crap from my teen years coming back to slap me upside the head again. LOL

Sea Sang In Us said...

Jules, I couldn't agree more with what you've written.

I just kind of think my pride gets the better of me occasionally. I too was raised in the women's liberation movement.