Saturday, July 14, 2007


I've been burning up Interstate 29 all summer. The latest circuit involved picking up two of my kids who were visiting cousins that are staying with my parents for a while. Today two of them leave for a church camp for the week. Tomorrow the third one leaves and it's just my husband, the four year old and I for the week. I am feeling it. I am fortunate to have the four year old the cat and the dog to care for and keep me from locking myself in my bedroom for the week and sleeping it off. Although, the truth is, the way I've been sleeping lately, I could use about a week's worth of sleep. I've really grown weary of saying goodbye to my kids and/or husband this summer. Every time I turn around another one is leaving. And yet I crave a little bit of time alllllll to myself.

Life is just full of paradoxes isn't it.