Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We're back.

While I was driving home this evening a song came on the radio that kind of irritated me. I think the song is called "My Jesus". I don't know for sure. It is kind of a preachy song which is why it was so irksome but it poses a question I find very thought provoking. The question that this preachy song poses is; what does your Jesus look like? So I wondered, what does Jesus look like to me? Immediately I knew. My Jesus can really nail the high notes. He looks exactly like Ted Neely, the actor/singer from the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I can't help it. It is seared into my brain cells. When I was nine years old my Dad took me to see the movie and I was kind of blown away by it. It was the closest I would ever see my dad get to anything even remotely religious in my childhood and I grabbed that memory and am still holding on.

So I wonder if my kids will think of Jim Caviezel.

What does your Jesus look like?


Shalee said...

My Jesus is ugly in appearance (Isa 53: 2), but he has really warm eyes and an inviting smile. He's dark because he of Arabic descent and he travels all the time. He's strong from his learned profession and lean from all that walking, small meals and fasting. He gives the greatest hugs and he has a way with words.

Other than that, I've got nothing.

dlyn said...

Last Sunday, our Pastor made a mention in his sermon about "seeing Jesus every day" or something along those lines - referring to being in heaven. An image popped into my head of this incredibly attractive Jesus. I was like "Whoa! Where did that come from?" So I guess that is mine.

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