Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whomp.....and just like that...'s summer.

I know because we went to the pool today. I crammed my chubby white body into my mommy swimsuit and made the trek. Once our five year old saw the pool was open it was only a matter of time. He is quite the motivator. Thankfully the eighteen year old tagged along so he had a playmate and I was able to take my sweet time getting used to the frigid water. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to inch myself into the deep end. Then I did five laps and beached myself to soak up the sun and humidity that has dropped on us like a wet blanket. No sense in overdoing it.

Yay for summer.


Shalee said...

Oh yes! It has definitely arrived. And for the record, you're a much better mom than I. I refuse to get in when the water's so cold. I'll WATCH them, but I'm not getting in until we've had a few warm days to heat that pool.

I am a wuss.

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