Thursday, September 6, 2007

Habit forming

I read a blog called The Secret Life of Kat. I lurk there quite often. It's awesome, go check it out! She has issued a challenge to her readers to develop a new habit on the assumption that it takes 21 days for a routine to take root and genuinely become a habit. I haven't "officially" joined the challenge because I can't handle that much accountability, but I am striking out on my own. I figure here I'm only accountable to a handful of people. I won't spill the details yet but depending on how well I do with it I'll elaborate later. Small steps. It's a simple thing that I am trying to do and something most people probably do without thinking, just not me. Not with a capital N.

Now go check out that blog.


Kat said...

Sea Sang,
Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I'm so glad you've taken up the challenge. I hope you're every bit as successful as you hope to be with whatever it is that you're working on.

If you ever feel like "de-lurking" I'd love to introduce you to everyone. Just click on that "introduce yourself" link on my sidebar.

Nice to meet you!


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